Hammer – The Studio That Dripped Blood

Hammer | February 28, 2017




Disc: 1

1. Main Theme/Inside Castle Darcula/Lure Of The Vampire Women/Dracula’s Rage/The Kiss Of The Living Dead (Dracula)
2. Funeral In Carpethia/Finale: Confrontation & Climax/The Fall Of Dracula (Dracula Prince Of Darkness)
3. Love Theme (The Scars Of Dracula)
4. Finale/Dracula And The Crucifix (Dracula Has Risen From The Grave)
5. The Blood Of Dracula (Taste The Blood Of Dracula)
6. Romance: The Young Lovers/Shadow Of The Tomb (Taste The Blood Of Dracula)
7. Ride To The Ruined Church/Romance At Dusk (Taste The Blood Of Dracula)
8. Dracula Triumphant/Pursuit/Death Of Lucy (Taste The Blood Of Dracula)
9. The Victory Of Love (Taste The Blood Of Dracula)
10. Christina (Frankenstein Created Woman)
11. The Power Of Evil (The Devil Rides Out)
12. Invocation To The Devil/Dance Frenzy (The Devil Rides Out)
13. Awakening And Absolution (The Devil Rides Out)
14. Vampire Rhapsody (Kiss Of The Vampire)


Disc: 2

1. Cosmic Sequence/Tumak Meets Luana/In The Domain Of The Shell People/Eruption Of The Volcano (One Million Years B.C.) – Mario Nascimbene
2. Main Theme/Storm Over The Sea (When Dinasours Ruled The Earth) – Mario Nascimbene
3. Life Of The Tribe/Finale (Creatures The World Forgot) – Mario Nascimbene
4. The Tomb/The Desert (The Curse Of The Mummy’s Tomb) – Carlo Martelli
5. Ayesha – She Who Must Be Obeyed (She)
6. Bedouin Attack & Desert Quest (She)
7. In The Kingdom Of She – Processional/The Cruelty Of She (She)
8. The Eternal Flame And The Destruction Of She (She)
9. Main Title (The Abominable Snowman) – Humphrey Searle
10. Defeat Of The Aliens/Finale (Quatermass II)
11. Main Titles/Anna’s Theme – Christopher Gunning
12. Prologue (Vampire Circus) – David Whitaker
13. Main Themes (The Vampire Hunter) – Jamed Bernard
14. Pastorale/The Werewolf At Bay/Aptheosis (Curse Of The Werewolf) – Benjamin Frankel

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