Dick Barton Collection

Hammer | March 21, 2017




In the dark days after World War II, over 15 million listeners tuned in to the BBC’s Light Programme to hear the exploits of Dick Barton Special Agent, who saved the nation from a never-ending roll call of villains and ceaseless skulduggery. This DVD set brings together the three Dick Barton feature films made by Hammer Films, based on the radio series. Don Stannard plays the legendary hero of the airwaves, influencing a generation of secret agents to come including James Bond and The Avengers.

DICK BARTON SPECIAL AGENT – Dick Barton and his assistants Jock, Snowey and Jean’s plans for a relaxing holiday by the sea are thwarted when they stumble upon a sinister Nazi plot to unleash a deadly chemical virus and bring the nation to its knees. Will Dick and friends be able to save the day?

DICK BARTON STRIKES BACK – The mysterious and sinister Fouracada (Sebastian Cabot) arrives in England, capturing the attention of the country’s top agents. Soon the bodies are piling up and Barton and Snowey have another mystery to solve as the population of entire villages are being wiped out, their brains dehydrated and shrivelled without a mark left on the bodies. What device could be capable of such destruction? And can it be stopped?

DICK BARTON AT BAY – Barton and Snowey are forced into action once more when an undercover agent (Patrick Macnee) is murdered while passing on a coded message. A chilling new invention capable of producing a “death ray” has been stolen by the Russians. Barton is forced to fake his own death in a race against time to recover the device from enemy hands…


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