Prepare never to sleep again…

Features 13 Haunting Cemeteries

Haunted? Probably. Haunting? Undoubtedly. Take a look at these 13 beautiful cemeteries from around the world!

Features 16 Eerie Abandoned Theme Parks

Take a look at these 16 dream worlds which became crumbling nightmares!

Features 10 chilling facts about the ocean

Try taking a saltwater dip after hearing these chilling facts!

Features 15 of the most evil lines in literature

Take a masterclass in talking evil from this list of wicked prose!

Features 18 Disturbing Works of Art

We dare you to try sleeping after seeing these 18 disturbing artworks!

Features The Scariest GIFs on the Internet

Take a look at 21 of Hammer’s favourite creepy GIFs from the darkest corners of the internet!

Features 10 Haunted Holiday Destinations

All packed up and nowhere to go this summer? Why not visit one of these haunted holiday destinations!

Features 10 Unmade Hammer Films

From untold Dracula prequels and swashbuckling pirate biopics to a scrap between a zeppelin and some pterodactyls, we take a look at 10 Hammer classics which could have been!

Features Google Maps’ Creepiest Images

Behold these blood-curdling images from the bird’s eye of Google Maps!

Features 13 Bizarre Superstitions

Check out this list of strange superstitions to beware of today!

Features London Underground’s Ghost Stations

Did YOU know about this abandoned labyrinth beneath London’s feet?

Features The Scariest Literary Haunted Houses

With only days until the release of THE WOMAN IN BLACK: ANGEL OF DEATH, Hammer runs down a list of the most hair-raising haunted houses in literature!

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