Prepare never to sleep again…

Features The 10 Scariest Video Games ever

Do you agree with our pick of the 10 most terrifying pixelated experiences?

Features “We Are All Alone”

Enjoy this collection of romantic Valentine’s Day quotes selected by Hammer, and remember to share with a loved one!

Features Creepy Historical Figures Who Could’ve Been Hammer Characters

How many of these creepy historical figures do you know?

Features The Most Disturbing Wikipedia Pages

These disturbingly informative Wikipedia articles will help remind you that, sometimes, ignorance is bliss…

Features 9 Creepy Facts About Sleep

Get night terrors with this week’s Hammer feature!

Features The Scariest Television Episodes Ever!

From Black Mirror to The X Files, we rundown the scariest episodes on the small screen!

Features Broken GIFS – the stuff of nightmares!

Happy mistake or a strange digital art form

Features The Real Horror of Evacuee Britain

With The Woman in Black: Angel of Death only weeks away from release, we delve into the dark, true history of evacuee Britain!

Features Hammer’s Christmas List

Dear Santa, please could Hammer have these creepy gifts for Chrimbo??

Features The Creepiest Santas Ever

Abandon Ho-Ho-Hope all ye who sit on his lap…

Features 5 Bizarre Possessed Objects

The Haunting of Hill House’s opening night is only weeks away! In honour, we take a look at 5 bizarre possessed objects to give you the creeps. Enjoy!

Features Ghosts: A Hammer Spirit Guide

Here is Hammer’s handy ghost guide, to help you tell your apparitions from your vortex!

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