Prepare never to sleep again…

Coffee surprise
Features Coffee Shop Telekinesis

Certainly a way to get attention at your local coffee place…

Features Jessica Harrison’s creepy ceramics

Not really something for your gran’s sideboard…

Features How To Make a Realistic Horror Skull Prop!

A project for the British Bank Holiday…

Features The Creepiest Internet Urban Legends

As internet culture has evolved, so have online urban legends. Look at our pick of the creepiest…

Features Greatest Vampire Hunters of All Time

The stakes are high as we take a look at the Vampire’s most fearsome foes!

Features The Science of Suspense

Guest post by Keith Bound, owner of Receptive Cinema.

Features Scariest Pages on the internet

The internet is a scary place- we all know it. Here are a few of the most disturbing things we’ve come across while traversing the weird and worrying web…

Features The Biggest Threats to Mankind’s Existence

Mankind’s days are numbered…

Features Our 10 Favourite Movie Jump Scares

At their best jump scares can be the most terrifying, memorable moments in film. We rundown our 10 favourites (Hammer films excluded) below!

Features Creepiest Moments in History

How many of these lesser known grisly moments from history do YOU know?

Features The Most Hellish Places on Earth

Who needs eternal damnation when you can visit these hellish places right now?

Features Disturbing Things to Keep You Awake at Night

Trying to stay awake this evening…

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