5 Ghoulish Accessories for LFW

Hammer | September 18, 2015

With London Fashion Week underway, we look at 5 ghoulish accessories with a fashionable twist!

1. Scold’s Bridle

© Wikimedia Commons

Designed in Scotland, 1567, the Scold’s Bridle – also referred to as the brank’s bridle and simply the branks – was a nightmarish form of torture and public humiliation for women who were considered to be “nuisances” and “scolds”.

© Pinterest

The scold’s bridle was also used as a muzzle to prevent suspected witches from being able to speak, or curse their captors.

© CVLTNation

Ripe for a catwalk comeback (minus the degradation and punishment), a glitzy version of the scold’s bridle has actually already been seen encasing the head of eccentric fashionista Lady Gaga.

© Popdust

2. Gas Mask

© Photobucket

Invented during WWI to deal with newly-weaponised German poison gas, and popularised among civilians through WWII, the gas mask has taken on more sinister connotations in the years since.


© RareHistoricalPhotos

Its strange insect-like design and associations with terror made the gas mask a perfect tool to horrify viewers with in countless films and TV shows.

© Shane Meadows

© Dybiz

Naturally the iconic gas mask caught the eye of adventurous fashion designers through the years, and has added a creepy new element to more than a few recent runway shows.

© Daily Mail

3. Plague Doctor Mask

© Steno Museum

Invented in Paris in the 17th century for doctors treating the plague-infected, this unnerving accessory was designed with a bird-beak shaped cone nose which held scented substances and straw, to protect the wearer from miasmatic bad air.

© DeviantArt

As the plague swept throughout Europe in the 1600s the doctors followed in its wake.

© Fancy

Through the centuries the memorable design outlasted the disease (thankfully), and in recent years it has influenced a number of designers’ Victorian “steampunk” collections.

© Tumblr

4. Monk’s Habit

The monk’s habit is an undeniably creepy garment, thanks to the mystery regarding the silent wearer beneath. A favourite of stories dealing with the occult, used in the right circumstances the outfit becomes synonymous with unease.

© Fluentu

The habit has been given the catwalk treatment many times, without drastic alterations to the original design.

© Morfae

5. Executioner Hood

For the executioner hood’s scary credentials, just look at this guy:

© 3D

But witness as- with a cut here, a rip there and a stitch through there- we have… a painfully trendy new set of threads!

© Demobaza


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