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Men Of Sherwood Forest (1954)

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poster US lobby card, courtesy of the Robert


Status: In Release

Category: Film

Genre: Action / Adventure / Family

Country of origin: UK

Language: English

Running time: 77 mins

Directed by: Val Guest

Written by: Alan MacKinnon

Produced by: Michael Carreras

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Robin (Don Taylor) and his men, including Friar Tuck (Beckwith), learn that Richard The Lionheart is returning home, and that his treacherous brother Prince John intends to assassinate the rightful King upon his return and lay the blame on Robin Hood. Robin and his men set-out to thwart the plan and save the King.




24 Jan 2012, 10:25pm

The first of Hammer's three "Robin Hood" films, followed by Terence Fisher's SWORD OF ROBIN HOOD with Richard Greene and Peter Cushing, and A CHALLENGE FOR ROBIN HOOD. Oh! How I long for this film to be released in the U.S. on DVD or Blu-Ray!