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Mask of Dust (1954)

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Also known as:

Race for Life (USA)


Peter Wells, a grand prix racing driver, has lost the ability to win races. After the tragic death of a colleague he is determined to reverse his losing streak and win his next race. Knowing the danger this entails his wife threatens to leave him but, despite professional advice, he enters the season's biggest race. When his car develops serious mechanical faults Peter is not only driving to win this race but for much higher stakes - he will be driving for his life. This is the story of friendship, honour and determination to succeed against all odds.




24 Jan 2012, 11:54pm

An uncharacteristic project for Hammer Horror master director Terence Fisher, made within spitting distance of his blockbuster Gothic masterpiece, THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN. The presence of evil George Coulouris (THE WOMAN EATER) in the cast is the main point of interest for horror fans.