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Spaceways (1953)

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Spaceways. US 1 sheet poster

Spaceways. US 1 sheet poster


The test launch for the first inter-planetary research station goes wrong when the satellite station is inadvertently set up instead of returning to earth. Two people attached to the secret project are missing, presumed murdered, and all suspicions fall on the cuckold husband, the scientist responsible for the lack of fuel aboard the rocket. The theory is he murdered his wife and her lover, depositing the bodies on the errant rocket. Desperate to prove his innocence he volunteers for the next mission to link up with the satellite and clear his name.


17 October 2008, It's Exclusive!

Exclusive Films – A Short History The announcement that HS Media [now Exclusive Media Group], Hammer's parent company, is to open a sales and...





24 Jan 2012, 11:44pm

Terence Fisher's second all-out Science Fiction for Hammer is again a relationship melodrama in a genre setting. Fisher tries to salvage the undistinguished material with an interesting Noir tone, but unfortunately it's awfully dated and dull.