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The Rossiter Case (1951)

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The Rossiter Case

The Rossiter Case


Status: In Release

Category: Film

Genre: Thriller

Language: English

Running time: TBA

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Rivalry and jealousy have always arisen between the two sisters but, following an accident that left Liz wheelchair bound, Honor lavishes attention on Liz's husband. As the friendship develops she tries to force him to leave Liz by insinuating she is pregnant. Liz, wary of her sister's motives, confronts Honor who in ensuing argument produces a gun. As the women struggle, Honor is shot dead. Suspicions fall on Peter who had the motive, knowledge and capability to murder and cannot account for his movements that fatal evening. Will Liz recount the true events to the police or will she let them charge Peter as penance for his deceit and unfaithfulness?

Cast: Helen Shingler; Sheila Burrell; Clement McCallin; Stanley Baker; Frederick Leister; Ewen Solon; Henry Edwards; Ann Codrington; Dorothy Batley; Gabrielle Blunt; Eleanore Bryan; Robert Percival; Dennis Castle; Fredric Steger; Anthony Allen
Director: Francis Searle