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The Daylight Gate (2012)

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Status: Published

Category: Book

Publication date: August 16, 2012 (UK - Hardback)

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 9780099561859

Written by: Jeanette Winterson

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GOOD FRIDAY, 1612. Pendle Hill, Lancashire.

A mysterious gathering of thirteen people is interrupted by local magistrate, Roger Nowell.

Is this a witches' Sabbat?

Two notorious Lancashire witches are already in Lancaster Castle waiting trial. Why is the beautiful and wealthy Alice Nutter defending them? And why is she among the group of thirteen on Pendle Hill?

Elsewhere, a starved, abused child lurks. And a Jesuit priest and former Gunpowder plotter, recently returned from France, is widely rumoured to be heading for Lancashire. But who will offer him sanctuary? And how quickly can he be caught?

This is the reign of James I, a Protestant King with an obsession: to rid his realm of twin evils, witchcraft and Catholicism, at any price...

This is Lancashire. This is Pendle. This is witch country. A tale of magic, superstition, conscience and ruthless murder. by one of the UK's most acclaimed literary writers.

Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit: "Winterson's belief in love, beauty, and most of all, language, is evangelical and redemptive...it is timely and exciting to read." - Rachel Cusk, The Times

Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit: "It is very funny, with an Alan Bennett sort of humour, beautifully written, quirky and likely to cause much tut-tutting in conservative quarters." - Daily Mail

The Passion: "Its concentrated, beautifully detailed prose recalls the diction of fairy tales; its plot incorporates their magic, their shrewd wit and brutality...a deeply imagined and beautiful book, often arrestingly so." - New York Times

The Passion: "As moving and funny as it is skilful, and reflects the author's formidable appetite for life." - Sunday Times




18 Oct 2012, 6:36pm

Dr Dee, Pendle, Daemonology.....right up my street and so far enjoying it greatly - although isn the line `I never believed in the Soul.' said Elizabeth. at the top of page 160 actually spoken by Alice??