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Countess Dracula (2013)

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Status: Forthcoming

Category: Book

Publication date: February 7, 2013 (UK - Paperback)

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 978-0099553861

Written by: Guy Adams

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You can do anything in Hollywood and be forgiven, anything except grow old...

It's 1930 and cinema stands at the dawn of a new age, the silent era is all but dead, talkies are here and Technicolor is on its way.

The whole world loves movie icons Frank Nayland and Elizabeth Sasdy, lapping up each new picture and following their romantic life story both on and off the screen. But all is not as perfect as it appears.

Not only has the advent of talkies meant torturous sessions with a vocal coach to try and remove Sasdy's Hungarian accent but she's starting to spot the first few grey hairs, and the lines on her face get deeper every day. If she loses her looks she'll lose everything, but even a woman as powerful as Elizabeth Sasdy can't fight nature. Can she?

A chance accident reveals the solution. But just how far is the Queen of Hollywood prepared to go to stay beautiful forever?




13 Feb 2014, 10:38am

Please please, re-publish your old novelizations - Countess Dracula, Lust for a vampire, Scars of Dracula, etc. And how about FAITHFUL novelizations of Dracula, The Vampire lovers, Kiss of the vampire, Gorgon, etc.