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The Pariah (2011)

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Status: Published

Category: Book

Publication dates:
July 7, 2011 (UK - Paperback)
July 7, 2011 (UK - eBook)

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 978-0099564331

Written by: Graham Masterton

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The quaint little seaside town of Granitehead seemed like a perfect place for John and Jane Trenton to start their life together. But disaster strikes and Jane and their unborn child are killed. John’s grief is total, so when he starts to see the ghostly apparition of his wife he almost welcomes this supernatural phenomenon.

Yet all is not what it seems, and this sinister spirit is not Jane, but something altogether evil and terrifying. In a bid to rid himself of this horrific spectre he soon finds that many more in the town have been victims of unwanted visitations. And when he discovers the body of a local busybody, impossibly impaled on a still hanging chandelier, he knows something must be done. But how do you kill the undead?

As he searches for an explanation he uncovers a link to a mysterious ship, lost around the time of the nearby Salem witch trials. For three centuries the rotting wreck of the David Dark has lain beneath waves, but an awful secret is concealed in the chill waters…

Together with Family Portrait and Mirror, The Pariah is being reissued as part of Hammer's ongoing publishing programme – bringing horror back to the forefront of the market.

For more information on Graham Masterton visit: www.grahammasterton.co.uk

"One of the few true masters of the horror genre." James Herbert

"Graham Masterton is the living inheritor to the realm of Edgar Allan Poe." San Francisco Chronicle

"Masterton is a crowd-pleaser, filling his pages with sparky, appealing dialogue and visceral grue." Time Out


29 June 2011, Hammer Books

Hammer’s new publishing imprint releases three classic Graham Masterton novels in July. Following on from the launch of Hammer Publishing in March with...





24 Jan 2012, 7:03pm

i have the same problem as Lehomie... up to page 88 was excellent