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The Frankenstein Collection [The Hammer Legacy] (2011)

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Status: Released

Category: Soundtrack

Release dates:
March 31, 2011 (UK - iTunes)
July 12, 2011 (USA - iTunes)

Genre: Compilation / Horror

Catalogue Number: SILED4551

Universal Product Code: 738572455149

Running time: TBA

Composed by: Don Banks, James Bernard, Leonard Salzedo, Malcolm Williamson

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A compilation of soundtrack music from Hammer films, digitally restored from the original recordings. The sinister theme for The Curse Of Frankenstein, Hammer’s first gothic horror, begins this collection of tracks drawn from all seven of Hammer’s Frankenstein films. James Bernard was Hammer’s most prolific composer, and a selection of cues from the classic Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed and the haunting Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell also bear his unmistakeable sound. Other composers represented on this album are Leonard Salzedo (The Revenge Of Frankenstein), Don Banks (The Evil Of Frankenstein) and Malcolm Williamson (The Horror Of Frankenstein).

This digital-only release is available from 31 March. Purchase all 14 tracks and receive an exclusive six-page digital booklet, featuring rare stills and new notes by Marcus Hearn.

Track Listing


1. The Curse of Frankenstein – Opening Titles (James Bernard)

2. The Revenge of Frankenstein – Closing Credits (Leonard Salzedo)

3. The Evil of Frankenstein – Opening Titles (Don Banks)

4. Frankenstein Created Woman – Opening Titles/Closing Credits (James Bernard)

5. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed – Opening Titles/The Death of Anna (James Bernard)

6. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed – Liberating Brandt (James Bernard)

7. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed – Frankenstein’s Lust (James Bernard)

8. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed – Brandt Awakens (James Bernard)

9. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed – Finale and Closing Credits (James Bernard)

10. The Horror of Frankenstein – Opening Titles (Malcolm Williamson)

11. Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell – Helder Meets the Other Patients (James Bernard)

12. Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell – The Monster Recovers (James Bernard)

13. Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell – Death of the Monster (James Bernard)

14. Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell – Finale and Closing Credits (James Bernard)

The Curse Of Frankenstein
conducted by John Hollingsworth.
The Revenge Of Frankenstein conducted by Muir Mathieson.
All other tracks conducted by Philip Martell.


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Andy Roffey@movietributes


25 May 2011, 1:06am

A very timely release of some classic scores.James Bernard of course will always be remembered as Hammers greatest composer and its for The Curse Of Frankenstein in 1957 that he was given full reign by musical director John Hollingsworth to add brass and woodwind to his orchestration.Bernard responded by giving The Curse Of Frankenstein an undeniable atmosphere of menace with his distinctive music and 12 years later in 1969 for Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed he gave one of his best scores for the film he had ever composed for Hammer.Other composers who scored for Hammer including on this album Don Banks all gave fine scores but its James Bernard who will be forever known as Hammers finest composer.