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The Witches (2011)

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Status: Published

Category: Book

Publication date: March 10, 2011 (UK - Paperback)

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 978-0099553847

Written by: Peter Curtis

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Walwyk seemed a dream village to the new schoolteacher, Miss Mayfield. But dreams can change into nightmares...

When one of her students accuses his friend Ethel's grandmother of abusing her, Miss Mayfield cannot let it go. But Ethel won't say anything, despite the evidence of Miss Mayfield's own eyes. But as she attempts to get to the truth of the matter, she stumbles on something far more sinister. Walwyk seems to be in the grip of a centuries-old evil, and anybody who questions events in the village does not last long.

Death stalks more than one victim, and Miss Mayfield begins to realise that if she's not careful, she will be the next to die...

Source novel for the classic 1966 Hammer film starring Joan Fontaine and directed by Cyril Frankel.

The Hammer edition is prefaced with a new foreword by Cyril Frankel.

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18 Oct 2011, 9:01pm

I enjoyed this more than I did the movie, and I thought the movie was great.