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The Vengeance Of She (1968)

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Also known as:

She, the Avenger


Status: In Release

Category: Film

Genre: Action / Adventure

Country of origin: UK | USA

Language: English

Running time: 101 mins

Directed by: Cliff Owen

Written by: Peter O'Donnell

Produced by: Aida Young

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Beautiful young European girl, Carol (Schoberová), is possessed by the spirit of Ayesha – “She, who must be obeyed” – and led to the lost city of Kuma, where she is destined to become queen.

After winning the starring role in The Vengeance Of She, Olga Schoberová changed her name to Olinka Berova.


UK quad




25 Jan 2012, 9:47am

Completely nutty sequel to Hammer's SHE is hardly on the same level of excellence, but is colorful and trippy enough to be highly valued as a richly fruity camp classic. It's also fun escapist entertainment, lightly enjoyable with a cold drink on a hot summer day. In the title role of the eternal love goddess Ayesha, Olinka Berova doesn't erase memories of Ursula Andress in the Hammer original, but has a transcendent loveliness in her own vacant way. You go, Olinka! 6/10 AVERAGE.