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Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970)

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Dracula's cloak, a ring and a phial of dried blood are the unholy relics bought by a depraved Satanist obsessed with resurrecting the King of the Undead. Joined at a deconsecrated church by three Victorian gentlemen with a secret taste for the extreme and perverted, a demonic ritual ends in the Satanist's murder by the three men, now terrified that their nocturnal entertainments have gone too far. And they are right- life has been bestowed on the Prince of Darkness once again; and the Count avenges his servant's ultimate sacrifice by initiating the children of the three hypocrites into unspeakable acts of violence and terror.




06 Oct 2012, 8:18pm

This was better than 'Dracula has risen', but has a bad special effect when Dracula is resurrected, and takes too long setting up the scene in the abandoned church. The scenes of the old men in the brothel made me forget what kind of film it was supposed to be. But other than that, it was refreshing to see Christopher Lee letting others do his bidding.