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Rasputin The Mad Monk (1966)

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Status: In Release

Category: Film

Release date: March 6, 1966 (UK - Theatrical)

Genre: Drama

Country of origin: UK

Language: English

Running time: 90 mins

Directed by: Don Sharp

Written by: Anthony Hinds

Produced by: Anthony Nelson Keys

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Rasputin (Lee), a crazed and debauched monk wreaks havoc at the local inn one night, chopping off the hand of one of the drinkers. As the bitter locals plan their revenge, the evil Rasputin works his satanic power over the beautiful women who serve at the Tsar's palace. Even the Tsarina herself is seduced by his evil ways and, as his influence begins to dominate government policy, there is only one course of action left... to destroy him before he destroys them all.


Christopher Lee as Rasputin


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06 Oct 2012, 8:31pm

I think this role really shows what a versatile and incredibly powerful presence Christopher Lee possesses, although the film does show the limitations of Hammer's resources, and filming it back to back with Dracula Prince of Darkness highlights the recycling of the over familiar sets to a distracting degree.