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Paranoiac (1964)

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UK quad poster for Paranoiac

UK quad poster for Paranoiac


In three weeks the two surviving members of the Ashby family will receive their inheritance. Eleanor Ashby, a weak, nervous character since the horrific accident, adamantly swears she has seen her dead brother Tony. Her brother, Simon reinforces her own doubts about her sanity, knowing that if she were committed he would receive all of the legacy. But brother Tony does appear and Simon is determined to get rid of both. This is a story with a psychotic twist about greed, hatred and death.



14 March 2011, Hammer's Women In Peril

Marking the UK release of Hammer’s new thriller The Resident, film historian Robert J.E. Simpson takes a look back at the company’s long...



Big E 70


29 Nov 2011, 12:12pm

Love it!!! One of the best of Hammer's suspense films. Follows familiar plotlines but, is it me, or do the two short scenes with the masked figure stalking and slashing feel as if they were ahead of their time by a decade? As for Reed - an absolute legend!