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That's Your Funeral (1973)

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Status: In Release

Category: Film

Genre: Comedy

Language: English

Running time: TBA

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The competition is fierce, the rivalry passionate between two local firms of undertakers who will ruthlessly stop at nothing to steal (literally!) potential clients from each other. That is until one group finds that the new interlopers in the area are using the caskets to smuggle drugs... this is unsavoury competition both sides cannot condone and they join forces to route out the criminals, enabling them to return to more honourable illegalities!

Adapted from the short-lived BBC sitcom.

Cast: Bill Fraser; Raymond Huntley; David Battley; Dennis Price; Richard Wattis; John Ronane; Roy Kinnear; Sue Lloyd; Dudley Foster; Michael Ripper; Frank Thornton; Geoffrey Sumner; Bob Todd; John Sharp; Hugh Paddick; Peter Copley; Michael Robbins
Director: John Robins


24 February 1999, They Shoot They Score

Following the success of GDI Records' recent compilation The Hammer Film Music Collection - Volume One producer Gary Wilson planned several further releases...