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Hysteria (1965)

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poster UK quad poster, courtesy of hammerhorr


After a terrible accident Mr Smith, as he calls now himself, suffered from acute amnesia. His treatment, paid for by an anonymous benefactor, yields no results and leaving the hospital his doctor warns that he may suffer from hallucinations. The only clue he has is a photograph of a beautiful girl and, as he begins to search for his identity, he finds himself trapped in a world where hallucination and reality become indistinguishable. Is he on the brink of insanity? Or is his paranoia the result of a devious scheme to render him mentally deficient... by those fully aware of whom Mr Smith really is?


14 March 2011, Hammer's Women In Peril

Marking the UK release of Hammer’s new thriller The Resident, film historian Robert J.E. Simpson takes a look back at the company’s long...





17 Oct 2011, 5:27am

have this also rent it your bye afterwords