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Hands of the Ripper (1971)

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A series of murders occur that mirror those committed by the Whitechapel Ripper. Through his experiments with early psychoanalysis Dr John Pritchard discovers a deadly violence in one of his young female patients. As he delves into the recesses of her schizophrenic mind he uncovers that Anna is possessed by her dead father's spirit, willing her to commit acts of gruesome savagery over which she has no control. But the most chilling revelation of all is the identity of her father... .Jack the Ripper himself.

Film Fact: the part of the Ripper is uncreditted.




07 Mar 2012, 4:28pm

This has to be the best film to come out of the Hammer studios. A fascinating story and acted with perfection. Angharad Rees and Eric Porter blend together beautifully and the music adds to the atmosphere perfectly. Two minor imperfections are, firstly a matter of continuity. On the way to St Pauls, an injured Doctor Pritchard sits on his left in the carriage with his son on the right: on arrival at St Pauls it is the son that sits on the left. Also I do not understand why the Ripper family are not credited, both have larger parts than the maid played by Molly Weir. A beautiful film nevertheless and still out on dvd.