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Creatures the World Forgot (1971)

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US poster

US poster Creatures the World Forgot. US post


Status: In Release

Category: Film

Genre: Prehistoric Adventure

Language: English

Running time: TBA

Directed by: Don Chaffey

Written by: Michael Carreras

Produced by: Michael Carreras

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As the first nomadic tribes wander across the vast wilderness of the infant planet they confront hostilities created by the harsh environment and each other. After a massive volcanic eruption a tribal chief is killed and his two sons fight for supremacy, not only for the leadership of the tribe but also for the love of a beautiful young woman. The age-old battlegrounds of rivalry, envy and passion are explored in this tale of prehistoric adventure.


22 June 2011, Hammer Blu-ray & DVD Round-Up

Following the UK DVD release on 28 March via Momentum Pictures, Wake Wood is released on DVD and Blu-ray in the US on 28 June through Dark Sky Films....





14 Aug 2011, 5:58pm

Third last and least of Hammer's prehistoric fantasies, and the closest to reality as there are no dinosaurs juxtaposed with humans. Terrific locations and splendid cinematography can't disguise a rather dull film. Good percussive Mario Nascimbene score.