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Sword of Sherwood Forest (1960)

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Sword of Sherwood Forest. US half-sheet poster

Sword of Sherwood Forest. US half-sheet poste


"NEW and Greatest Adventures of Robin Hood... The World's Most Renowned Swordsman!"

Robin of Loxley and his men stumble on a plot to overthrow Hubert Walter, King's Chancellor and Archbishop of Canterbury. The plotters, the Sheriff of Nottingham and the Earl of Newark, have set an ambush for Walter and Lady Marian Fitzwater. Will Robin get to them before it is too late?

Principal Photography: 23 May - 8 July 1960
UK Release: 26 December 1960
US Release: January 1961


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chris gough


20 Feb 2011, 11:39pm

A rather disappointing effort considering all the talent involved . Cushing's performance as the Sheriff of Nottingham is the best thing about the film but other than that it is all rather laboured and uninspired . Not a complete disaster by any means but no great shakes either . The later 'A Challenge for Robin Hood' is actually a lot more fun .