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The Pirates of Blood River (1962)

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Pirates of Blood River - uk quad poster

Pirates of Blood River - uk quad poster image


"Ransacking a Lost Tropical Island... For a Fabulous Idol of Gold!"

Having escaped from a penal colony for a crime he did not commit, Jonathan Standing meets up with a group of ruthless pirates. Under the pretence of righting the injustices against him they convince Jonathan into leading them to his settlement. There they pursue a policy of violent terror trying to force the inhabitants to hand over their legendary wealth. The pirate leader stumbles on a statue made from pure gold and, with Jonathan and his father hostage, they begin the journey back to their ship. But between them and the sea is the ferocious waters home to thousands of flesh eating sea creatures - Blood River.

Principal Photography: 3 July - 31 August 1961
UK Release: 13 August 1962
US Release: July 1962


chris gough


20 Feb 2011, 12:36am

Quite amusing pirate adventure but 'Devil Ship Pirates ' is better overall with a more compelling narrative drive .