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To The Devil A Daughter (1976)

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To The Devil A Daughter - British quad poster. Image courtesy of hammerhorrorposters.com

To The Devil A Daughter - British quad poster


Status: In Release

Category: Film

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Running time: TBA

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When the dark, fanatical Father Michael (CHRISTOPHER LEE) was de-frocked and excommunicated from the Church, he sought the ways of the Devil.

He formed a closed Convent in southern Germany ambivalently names "The Children of the Lord". But the lord in question was the Devil-figure of Lord Asteroth, and the innocent children were reared in the ways of Satan himself. One of the them, Catherine Beddows (NASTASSJA KINSKI) had a special destiny to fufil. She had been pre-selected at birth for a particular role: on her eighteenth birthday she was doomed to become the Devil's daughter and reign as Asteroth's representative on Earth.

To save his own miserable skin, Catherine's father Henry (DENHOLM ELLIOTT) had signed his daughter's future away when she was born adn, though she knew nothing of the pact, the yearly visits which Henry made to her in Germany had eaten away at his resolve.
When the time comes for Catherine's journey to England for the consummation of her dreadful destiny, Henry finally rebels and seeks the aid of John Verney (RICHARD WIDMARK), an American writer and expert on occult matters, who had made his home in London.

Henry entrusts Catherine to Verney's care and though the author is initially sceptical of the fantastical tale which the father unfolds, he nevertheless decides to investigate.
But Verney had reckoned without the awesome powers of Father Michael and his dedicated followers. Soon Father Michael, resolved to regain Catherine's confidence in order to carry out his ultimate plans, shows that Henry's story no more than scratched the surface of a deeply-etched vein of pure terror.

Father Michael was prepared to go to any lengths to get the young girl back. Powers of which the innocent parties knew nothing, drummed at their senses. Catherine, despite herself, was bewitched by the power which Father Michael held over her. Innocent people die violently, and the spectre of Satan throws an obscene shadow across the lives of all involved.

Finally, in a mesmeric and cataclysmic confrontation, Father Michael and Verney are ranged in physical and mental combat.
The prize: Catherine.

synopsis from the original UK pressbook


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22 Nov 2013, 6:54pm

One of my all time favourite Hammer films. Christopher Lee is excellent in this.