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Fanatic (1965)

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Fanatic film poster

Fanatic film poster courtesy of hammerhorrorp

Also known as:

Die! Die! My Darling (USA)


Status: In Release

Category: Film

Genre: Thriller

Country of origin: USA

Language: English

Running time: TBA

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Patricia Carroll arrives in the country to meet Mrs Trefoil, the mother of her fiancé, who recently died in the USA. Out of politeness she agrees to stay the night. Slowly Mrs Trefoil' s attitude towards her guest changes. She begins addressing her as a child, asking intimate questions, making impossible demands and when Patricia tries to leave she is imprisoned in the cellar. There follows her enforced degradation and depersonalisation as she is cleansed in preparation for her ritual killing to join her fiancé for a marriage made in Heaven.

Cast: Tallulah Bankhead; Stefanie Powers; Donald Sutherland; Yootha Joyce; Peter Vaughan; Maurice Kaufmann; Gwendolyn Watts; Robert Dorning; Philip Gilbert; Winifred Dennis; Diana King
Director: Silvio Narizzano


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