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Taste of Fear (1961)

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US title card

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Also known as:

Scream of Fear (USA)


Status: In Release

Category: Film

Genre: Thriller

Country of origin: USA

Language: English

Running time: TBA

Directed by: Seth Holt

Written by: Jimmy Sangster

Produced by: Jimmy Carreras

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"For Your Maximum Enjoyment We Recomend That You See It From the Start"

Paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, beautiful young Penny Appleby visits her father's French Riviera villa for the first time since his second marriage; she meets her stepmother, Jane; Dr. Gerrard, her father's friend, and Bob, her father's chauffeur. Penny is told her father is away on business, but she is terrorized by the mysterious reappearance, in various places in the villa, of his dead body. Jane and Dr. Gerrard try to persuade Penny she is having hallucinations. Bob, in whom she confides, tells Penny he believes Jane is trying to drive the girl mad so that she can inherit. Jane and Bob celebrate the night Penny, a helpless passenger, rolls over a cliff in her car. Next morning, however, police inform the couple that only the body of Penny's father less passenger, rolls over a cliff in her car. Jane returns to the villa to find Penny, still alive, seated in her wheelchair on the cliff terrace. Bob later tries one last desperate gamble for the fortune that was almost his.

Principal Photography: 24 October - 7 December 1960
UK Release: 5 June 1961
US Release: August 1961


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Big E 70


29 Nov 2011, 12:30pm

This is great! The scenes featuring the corpse are quite chilling - particularly the underwater one!