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Nightmare (1962)

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Nightmare - British quad poster

Nightmare - British quad poster courtesy of h


Status: In Release

Category: Film

Genre: Thriller

Language: English

Running time: TBA

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the story

Janet (JENNIE LINDEN), 17, a student a an expensive finishing school, has a recurring nightmare from which she awakes screaming every night. In the nightmare, she finds herself walking in a hallway as a woman's voice calls her name. Janet suddenly realizes that she is in a mental asylum and unable to escape.

Mary (BRENDA BRUCE), a sympathetic teacher, arranges to take Janet home and stay with her for a few days.

Janet is disturbed that her guardian, Henry Baxter (DAVID KNIGHT), is not at the station to meet them. John (GEORGE A. COOPER), the chauffeur, drives Janet and Mary to the large country house which is Janet's home. There, they are greeted by the housekeeper, Mrs. Gibbs (IRENE RICHMOND), and by Grace (MOIRA RICHMOND), newly employed by Baxter as a companion for Janet.

Mrs. Gibbs tells Mary that on Janet's 11th birthday, she had witnessed her father being stabbed to death by her insane mother. Ever since, Janet has been haunted by the fear that she may have inherited her mother's insanity.

Mary finds Janet standing in the hallway. She had seen a woman at her bedroom door beckoning to her. When she followed, the woman had vanished.

The next day, Mary returns to school. Again that evening, Janet sees the apparition, and follows it to the room in which her parents once slept. When she finally summons up courage to go in, she sees the white-shrouded woman lying on the bed with a knife in her chest.

Baxter's doctor urges that she undero psychiatric treatment. When Henry returns with the specialist, he also introduces his own wife. But when Janet sees the woman (CLYTIE JESSOP), she discovers that it is the same woman who has been haunting her, and in terror, grabs a knife and stabs Henry's wife to death.

Police officials take Janet away, and a short time later, Henry and Grace are married. A sequence of incidents, including phone calls to Henry from a mysterious woman, arouse Grace's suspicions. She has violent arguments with him and bizarre happenings begin to occur in the house.

She becomes convinced that Henry is trying to drive her out of her miond when she finds a doll at the bottom of the stairs which had belonged to Janet.

In rising panic, Grace telephones the asylum, and is told Janet escaped three days earlier.

Certain that Janet and Henry are in league to kill her, she stabs Henry to death.

Confronted by John, the chauffeur, Grace learns that Janet is safe in her asylum room and has not escaped.

At this point it is disclosed that a nefarious masquerade and scheme had served the double purpose of getting rid of Henry's wife and eliminating Janet from the house.

The events of the evil plot then cause the apprehension and proper disposal of the criminals through situations which, for its entertainment values, will not be revealed here.

- taken from original US Showman's Manual


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