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I Only Arsked! (1959)

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poster US poster image courtesy Robert Simpso


Status: In Release

Category: Film

Genre: Comedy

Language: English

Running time: TBA

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Based on the highly successful television series The Army Game, the film revolves around the lives, loves and laughs of a group of misfit soldiers who are desperately trying to fiddle themselves some leave. Instead they wrangle a posting to the British Middle-East protectorate of Darawa. Their frustrations and disappointment at landing one of the harshest territories is compensated when they discover a secret passage to the King's harem..

Cast: Bernard Bresslaw; Michael Medwin; Alfie Bass; Michael Bentine; Marne Maitland; Michael Ripper; Charles Hawtrey; Geoffrey Sumner; Norman Rossington; David Lodge; Arthur Howard; Francis Matthews; Michael Ripper; Marie Devereux; Lizabeth Page
Director: Montgomery Tully


24 February 1999, They Shoot They Score

Following the success of GDI Records' recent compilation The Hammer Film Music Collection - Volume One producer Gary Wilson planned several further releases...