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Up the Creek (1958)

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Trade advert for Up the Creek, from the Kine Weekly

Trade advert for Up the Creek, from the Kine


Lieut. Humphrey Fairweather, R.N. (David Tomlinson), has gone too far. Much too far. The last of a series of disastrous attempts to prove to the Navy that his rocket invention is better than theirs only succeeds in convincing them that no guided missile station will be safe until he is out of harm's way.

But their problem is to decide what to do with the man.

The problem is unexpectedly solved with the discovery that H.M.S. Berkeley, an ancient destroyer now ending her days as the oldest member of the "Mothball Fleet," has been inadvertently left without a commanding officer for nearly two years.

By appointing Fairweather as her new Commanding Officer they will kill two birds with one stone.....


Fairweather's appointment is greeted with extreme alarm by the ship's skeleton crew. For over the years, under the inspired leadership of their slick, quick-witted, and enterprising Irish bosun (Peter Sellers), they have been happily building up a highly profitable business association with the local village.

In fact, they have been using the ship as a base for some very lucrative racketeering, the end of which is now threatened with the arrival of Fairweather.

It is fortunate for the crew, however, that in addition to his very hazy knowledge of a captain's duties, Fairweather is immediately engrossed in the dual task of building yet another rocket and getting to know the curvaceous , sexy French niece (Liliane Sottane) of the local publican - one of the Berkeley's best customers.

And when, after a series of hectic adventures, the new Captain does discover the full extent of the crew's illicit activities, it is too late.

For by this time the cunning Bosun has as much on Fairweather as Fairweather has on him!

Faced with an unexpected tour of inspection by a visiting Admiral (Wilfrid Hyde White), Fairweather realises that he and his crew must sink or swim together.

With the help of Fairweather's rocket and the Bosun's quick wits, they save their bacon - but not before the most confused and hilarious inspection in Naval history ends. It is an ending which finds Fairweather back in business as a guided missile expert, and the Bosun and the boys.... well, just back in business !

synopsis taken from the American pressbook


24 February 1999, They Shoot They Score

Following the success of GDI Records' recent compilation The Hammer Film Music Collection - Volume One producer Gary Wilson planned several further releases...