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Murder by Proxy (1955)

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Also known as:

Blackout (USA)


Status: In Release

Category: Film

Genre: Thriller

Country of origin: USA

Language: English

Running time: TBA

Directed by: Terence Fisher

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When a beautiful girl offers Casey Morrow a lot of money for a mystery job, Morrow doesn't ask too many questions. But when the girl's father is found murdered the following day and Morrow's coat is soaked with blood perhaps a little more caution should have been exercised. An intriguing story of deception, greed and immorality.

Cast: Dane Clark; Belinda Lee; Eleanor Summerfield; Andrew Osborn; Betty Ann Davies; Jill Melford; Alvis Maben; Michael Golden; Norah Gorden; Harold Lang; Delphi Lawrence; Martin Lawrence; Alfie Bass; Cleo Laine; Arnold Diamond; Verne Morgan
Director: Terence Fisher


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