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Wake Wood (2011)

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Status: In Release

Category: Film

Release dates:
March 25, 2011 (UK - Theatrical)
March 28, 2011 (UK - DVD)
June 28, 2011 (USA - DVD)

Genre: Horror

Country of origin: Ireland | UK

Language: English

Running time: 90 mins

Directed by: David Keating

Written by: Brendan McCarthy, David Keating

Produced by: Brendan McCarthy, John McDonnell, Magnus Paulsson, Simon Oakes, Marc Schipper, Ben Holden, Patrick Irwin, Allan Niblo, Rupert Preston

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Still grieving the death of their only child Alice at the jaws of a crazed dog, vet Patrick and pharmacist Louise relocate to the remote town of Wake Wood where a local pagan ritual gives them three more precious days with her... but what will they do when it's time for their new daughter to go back?

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25 June 2011, WAKE WOOD US Premiere

Following the UK release in March, Wake Wood has received its US premiere. The special theatrical screening was organised by distributor Dark Sky Films...





02 Dec 2011, 5:45pm

Just bought this film finaly!!!!Very good film,but dissapointed that the name HAMMER does not appaear anywhere in the films credits!!!Was looking forward to actually seeing the name HAMMER inblazed upon the screen especially having gone to the cinema to see Let Me In & The Resident & seeing the HAMMER logo in Bold red with HAMMER characters woven through the name.Infact the only fleeting mention of HAMMER is at the end of the crew & cast interviews in the special features. A real shame,was going to store it in prize possession with my other HAMMER dvds don't fee i can now!!