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The New People (1968)

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The New People

The New People

Also known as:

Journey to the Unknown (part 2)


Life had become a constant round of parties since the Prentices moved house, with their new neighbours making them feel part of the extended family of the village, especially Luther Ames. Susan Prentiss enjoys the constant attention but Hank Prentiss finds the congeniality unnerving, notices cracks in the gaiety and finds Luther rather too familiar with his wife. He decides to move back to the city but Luther doesn't like his amusement being curtailed. Nobody is allowed to disrupt his fun. He hasn't finished playing his latest game, of ungodly ceremony and dark ritual, in which the Prentices are the essential ingredient for his deadly sport.




18 Feb 2012, 9:48am

I love this one - must have seen it 10 times! Its right up there with the best of Hammer's psychological thrillers but benefits from a taught script and running time. All of the performances are excellent but special mentions must go to Patrick Allen who is clearly having a ball as the suave, sinister Luther. If Hammer ever consider a new version of the series or perhaps a portmanteau movie with 3 or 4 mini stories, I'd love to see this one re-made along with some new stories from current writers. But whatever you do - keep the fairground setting and spooky title music - the best opening sequence of all time! Such a shame this series has never come out on DVD - it had a unique quality and atmosphere and was clearly a major production for the time.