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The Indian Spirit Guide (1968)

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The Indian Spirit Guide

The Indian Spirit Guide

Also known as:

Journey to the Unknown (part 4)


Wealthy widow Leona Gillings hires private investigator, Jerry Crown, to uncover charlatans in her attempts to contact her dead husband through mediums. After exposing several frauds, Crown sets up bogus séances, collecting a healthy fee and the widow's confidence. Leona, now utterly dependent on him, wants them to marry. Before the wedding she receives a letter from a clairvoyant who claims to have contacted her husband through her Indian spirit guide. Crown reluctantly agrees to accompany Leona to one final séance. The spirit guide appears, warning Leona about her fiancé's mercenary ambitions. As Crown tries in vain to expose the proceedings as fraudulent he finds himself up against the might of the other world with disastrous consequences.


Gaz Atkins


30 Dec 2011, 5:32pm

Just watched this on Youtube and i consider it to be one of the stronger episodes. Fine performances from Tom Adams, who makes a very convincing con man, (full of superficial charm), and Julie Harris as a vulnerable widow, do well to make this very watchable right up to the dramatic ending.