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Do Me A Favour And Kill Me (1968)

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Do Me A Favour And Kill Me

Do Me A Favour And Kill Me

Also known as:

Journey to the Unknown (part 6)


Series: Journey To The Unknown

Status: In Release

Category: Television

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Running time: TBA

Directed by: Gerry O'Hara

Written by: Stanley Miller

Produced by: Anthony Hinds

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Having ruined his last chance at resurrecting his film career, Jeff turns to alcohol causing his wife to leave him. Hitting rock bottom Jeff asks his agent for one last favour....to kill him so that he can at least provide for the wife he loves with his life insurance money. However Faith returns home, determined to support her husband. Several attempts are made on Jeff's life but he cannot contact his agent to cancel their arrangement. Jeff insists on a move to the country but there are two more near-fatal attempts and he believes death is imminent. When his agent calls at the cottage Jeff shoots him instantly but Faith reveals the truth as she points a pistol at her husband. She and her lover have executed the perfect crime. As she shoots Jeff, she dials 999... to report a dreadful accident.


Gaz Atkins


31 Dec 2011, 10:27am

Joseph Cotton is well cast and superb as an arrogant self obsessed movie star struggling to come to terms with his waning popularity and seeking comfort by hitting the bottle. He steals the show as a truly loathsome character and its difficult to sympathise with someone who is the creator of his own downfall. I wonder how many real life stars this story was based on. Highly watchable.