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Rude Awakening (1980)

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Rude Awakening

Rude Awakening

Also known as:

Hammer House of Horror (part 3)


Series: Hammer House Of Horror

Status: In Release

Category: Television

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Running time: TBA

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Estate agent Norman Shenley (Elliott) wakes from a nightmare in which he murders his wife. He leaves for work and the young alluring assistant who holds far more attrraction for him than his bad-tempered and ageing wife. While visting a sinister old house he hears a disembodied voice saying 'you shouldn't have done it, Mr Shenley... You shouldn't have killed your wife. Later, in a fit of temper, he kills his wife, only to wake again and find it was all a dream. But when do the dreams end and the nightmare begin?

Cast: Pat Heywood; Denholm Elliott

Director: Peter Sasdy




24 Jun 2011, 10:45pm

I love this one! Poor Denholn Elliot gets in ever such a pickle. It's like a cross between Hammer Horror and a Carry On film! :)