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Guardian Of The Abyss (1980)

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Guardian Of The Abyss

Guardian Of The Abyss

Also known as:

Hammer House of Horror (part 8)


Series: Hammer House Of Horror

Status: In Release

Category: Television

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Running time: TBA

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Human sacrifice as part of an ancient rite is the unexpected consequence when an attractive antique dealer unwittingly buys a mirror with mysterious evil powers. Michael Roberts (Lonnen) and Laura Stephens (Ewing), antique dealing colleagues and sometime lovers, meet at an auction where Laura buys a job lot, which includes an unusual-looking mirror. While she and Michael ponder over the junk she has acquired, a sinister dealer (Darrow) offers to buy the mirror, swiftly raising the price but Laura decides not to be swayed by the lure of money. Instead, Fate has a diabolical hand to play.

Cast: Ray Lonnen; Rosalyn Landor; Barbara Ewing; Paul Darrow; Caroline Langrishe; John Carson; Sophie Thompson; Sharon Fussey; Barry McDonald

Director: Don Sharp     


19 December 2011, Don Sharp (1921 - 2011)

Marcus Hearn pays tribute to the Hammer director, who died yesterday. Don Sharp had never seen a horror film before producer Anthony Hinds screened a...





24 Mar 2011, 9:38pm

Black magic. Nice looking girl. Daft guy trying to do his Knight in shining armour bit. (He means well!) There's a lot going on in this busy. suspenseful little tale. Its good viewing with the classic 'House Of Horror' sting in the tale.