The Woman in Black: Angel of Death

She Never Left

The Quiet Ones

Welcome to the experiment

Wake Wood

The dead should never be woken

The Woman in Black

Do you believe in ghosts?

Let Me In

She will keep you forever

The Resident

She thought she was living alone


The terrifying lover - who died - yet lived!

The Curse of Frankenstein

Will haunt you forever!

The Mummy

Torn from the tomb to terrify the world!

The Abominable Snowman

A cave was the trap, a human being was the bait!

3 Stops to Murder

Was this the perfect crime?

The Anniversary

The most merciless mother of them all

Bad Blonde

He wanted to be a champ...she made him a chump


A man without a memory can't fight back

Blonde Bait

I don't need a gun to catch a man!

Blood From the Mummy's Tomb

a severed hand beckons from an open grave

Break in the Circle

A man on the lookout for adventure

Brides of Dracula

The most evil Dracula of all

The Brigand of Kandahar

A Horde of Bandit Raiders

The Camp on Blood Island

The War Has Ended, Now The Slaughter Begins

Captain Clegg

Their oath was... terror! Their cry... blood!

Captain Kronos

The Only Man Alive Feared By The Walking Dead

Cash on Demand

How to Rob a Bank... And Get Away with it?

A Challenge for Robin Hood

The Epic Story of the Mightiest Archer of them All


The Torment of a Man's Split Mind

Countess Dracula

The more she drinks, the prettier she gets

Creatures the World Forgot

An Unforgettable World of Unimaginable Savagery


The night the loving ended and the killing began!

The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb

Half-Bone, Half-Bandage, and all blood-curdling horror!

The Curse of the Werewolf

Half-Man..... Half-Wolf

Demons of the Mind

They came to torture an agonised mind

The Devil Rides Out

The Unholy Union of The Devil's Bride

The Dark Light

Yacht reports 'Light is out'

The Devil Ship Pirates

A Hot-blooded crew of cut-throats!

Dick Barton

The Pictures that put Showmanship back in Show Business!

Dick Turpin - Highwayman

The Honorable Rogue

Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde

This film is filled with... SHOCK! AFTER SHOCK!

Dracula A.D. 1972

The Count is back, with an eye for London's hotpants . . . and a taste for everything

Dracula Has Risen From the Grave


Dracula: Prince of Darkness

The World's Most Evil Vampire Lives Again!

The Evil of Frankenstein


Face the Music

Chilling Terror Comes Wrapped in The Black Glove


Stabbing Suspense! Shear Shock!

Fear in the Night

Gripping Fear ... And the Worst is to come
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Four Sided Triangle

She Lived Two Amazing Lives under his Spell...

Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell

Your blood will run cold when the monster rises

Frankenstein Created Woman

He's created the ultimate in evil

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

the screens most fantastic fiend

The Gambler and the Lady

You've got a double date with danger!

The Glass Cage

Shattering suspense... and the jagged edge of violence

The Gorgon

Petrifies the Screen With Horror!

Hell is a City

From Dives to Dames ... From Nightsticks to Nightmares ... From Dusk to Dawn ...

The Horror of Frankenstein

New Thrills! New Faces! New Horror!

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Terrifying Adventure!


It will shock you out of your seat!

The Kiss of the Vampire


The Lady Craved Excitement

She may have craved excitement for the last time...

The Lady Vanishes

Had she vanished in thin air.. or was she never really there?

The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires

Fist Vs. Fang

The Lost Continent

A Living Hell that Time Forgot!

Lust for a Vampire

A vampire's lust knows no boundaries...


White-Hot Terror! Cold Clammy Fear!

Man at the Top

Lampton's back - On top of everything!

Man Bait

Blonde Blackmail!

The Man in Black

An untimely death, a campaign of terror

The Man Who Could Cheat Death

His Terrifying Secret, His Hideous Obsession

Mask of Dust

High Speed Action & Thrills

The Men of Sherwood Forest

A stirring adventure

Moon Zero Two

The first moon "western" ...

The Mummy's Shroud

Nightmare Terror from the Tomb!

The Nanny

Would You Trust the Nanny or the Boy?

Never Take Sweets From a Stranger

A Nightmare Manhunt for Maniac Prowler!


Unbelievable Terror

Paid to Kill

I'm the guy who paid to kill...myself

The Old Dark House

It's All in Good Fun of Corpse- the Murderous Kind!

One Million Years BC

This is the way it was


There's no one as dangerous as

Passport to China

Go-For-Broke Yank Blasts Bamboo Curtain

Phantom Ship

Starring Bela Lugosi

The Phantom of the Opera

The Figure of Terror Incarnate!!

The Plague of the Zombies

Called from the grave by a Mystic Cult

Prehistoric Women

Savage Struggle! Primitive Passions! Deadly Jealousy!

The Public Life of Henry the 9th

Hammer's first ever film

The Quatermass Xperiment

It Creeps, It Crawls, It Kills!

Quatermass 2

Invaders from Outer Space Threaten the Very Existence of Man

Quatermass and the Pit

World in Panic! Cities in Flames!

Rasputin the Mad Monk

The Man Who Turned Men to Killers

The Revenge of Frankenstein

The World's Greatest Horrorama!
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River Patrol

Gangs vs customs - a black market, on the river!

The Reptile

A Dreaded Curse Turned her into a Slithering Snake

The Satanic Rites of Dracula

Evil begets evil on the sabbath of the undead

The Scarlet Blade

Igniting the Flames of Rebellion in a Land of Blood and Betrayal!

The Scars of Dracula

This evil must be destroyed

Scotland Yard Inspector

She'll kiss or kill... depending on the man

Scream of Fear

The Motion Picture Shocker of the Year!

The Secret of Blood Island

It's New, It's Shocking, It's Savage


SHE who must be obeyed! SHE who must be loved! SHE who must be possessed!

The Song of Freedom

A cast of thousands!

The Shadow of a Cat

The only witness to MURDER!

The Snorkel

Which Bathing Beauty Will Be His Next Victim?


The screen's first story of space islands in the sky

Stolen Face

Treachery wears a Stolen Face

Stop Me Before I Kill!

A Diabolical New Technique in Suspense!

Straight on till Morning

How could she know the morning would never come?

The Stranglers of Bombay

Murder Cult Terror in Exotic Asia

The Sword of Sherwood Forest

His Legendary Exploits Live Again on the Big Screen!

Taste the Blood of Dracula


Ten Seconds to Hell

Blockbuster about to explode!

The Terror of the Tongs

Stalk the Street of Opium Dreams!

Terror Street

A one way road to violence

These are the Damned

All of them doomed by the lurking, unseen evil

To the Devil a Daughter

...and suddenly the screams of a baby born in Hell!

Twins of Evil

Which is the Virgin? Which is the Vampire?

The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll

He Committed Every Crime in the Book!

The Ugly Duckling

He's a Changed Man After Taking Jekyll's Family Remedy

The Vampire Lovers

A Whisper of Desire becomes a Shriek of Terror

The Vengeance of She

The beauty that brought Kingdoms to their Downfall

The Viking Queen

No Man Could Conquer...

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

Enter an age of unknown terrors

Wings of Danger

Counterfeit Cargo! A fortune is lost! A Sinister Fugitive!

The Witches

A Stranger in a Town that has Lost its Mind

Who Killed Van Loon?

Diamonds! Nazis! Kidnap!

X the Unknown

Can Anything Escape its Terror?

Yesterday's Enemy

The Most Outspoken Film of Our Time!