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19 April 2012

Hammer Books latest!

June 7th sees the publication of The Circle by Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg. Seven teenage witches are hunted by an ancient evil in the first of a gripping new trilogy. One night, when a strange red moon fills the sky, six high-school girls find themselves in an abandoned theme park, drawn there by a mysterious force. A student has just been found dead. Everyone suspects suicide. Everyone except them. In that derelict fairground an ancient prophecy is revealed. They are “The Chosen Ones”, a group of witches bound together by a power which could destroy them all. But they soon learn that despite their differences they need each other in order to master the forces that have been awakened within them. Pre-order from Amazon UK.

On July 5th, two new novelisations are published. X The Unknown by Shaun Hutson is set in Afghanistan and Scotland and tells the story of what happens when a young boy stumbles upon a horrific new chemical weapon that has been developed by the British army. A weapon that could change the world as we know it.

Hands Of The Ripper by Guy Adams is a deeply unsettling tale of manipulation and terror. On a cold, wet night recently widowed psychology lecturer John Pritchard visits spiritualist Aida Golding with his son. He is drawn to a troubled young woman who is trying to contact her child. Something about her intrigues him and despite his doubts he continues to attend meetings. But all too soon John realises he's made a terrible mistake.

See the covers below and pre-order them from Amazon UK here: Hands Of The Ripper and here: X The Unknown.

Finally, we are excited to announce that Hammer has announced three new original novellas for 2013, from Melvin Burgess, Julie Myerson and Sophie Hannah. Read more here.

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