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15 October 2009

The Tweetenstein Project

The Tweetenstein Project

October 27th – November 15th 2009

Over the course of the Hammer Festival , “The Tweetenstein Project” – 140-character versions of Hammer films – will run through the official Hammer feed

on Twitter (@hammerfilms). Watch out for “Tweetensteins” from Hammer alumni, film historians and celebrity Hammer fans including Ingrid Pitt, Madeline Smith, Valerie Leon, Shane Briant, Brian Clemens, David Pirie, Stephen Jones, Matthew Holness, Andy Nyman and Graham Duff.

There will also be a competition – details to be announced – with prizes for the three faithful lab assistants (to be drawn if necessary) who correctly identify all the movies/episodes tweeted.

Confirmed “Tweetensteiners”:  (updated 14/11/09):
AB – Andy Briggs (writer;

Hero.com, Rise Of The Gargoyles


AH – Alexis Van Hurkman (writer/director;

Four Weeks, Four Hours


AN – Andy Nyman (writer/actor;

Death At A Funeral, “Crooked House”, “Dead Set


BC – Brian Clemens (writer-director-producer;

Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter; Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde


DK - Dick Klemensen (magazine editor,

Little Shoppe of Horrors


GD – Graham Duff (writer/actor; “

Ideal”, “Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible”


HF – Hammer Films

IP – Ingrid Pitt (writer/actor;

The Vampire Lovers; Countess Dracula


JI – Jim Issac (director

Jason X, Skinwalkers


JR – Jonathan Rigby (writer/actor/historian)

JW – Jon Wright (director



MC – Marcus Hearn (writer/historian; author

The Hammer Story and Hammer Glamour


MH – Matthew Holness (writer/actor; “

Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace


MS – Madeline Smith (writer/actor;

Taste The Blood Of Dracula, The Vampire Lovers

, Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell

MT – Matthias Hoene (director “Beyond The Rave”


PB – Peter Briggs (writer/director;

Hellboy, Mortis Rex


PF – Paul Finch (writer;

Cape Wrath, After Shocks


RG – Rob Green (writer/director;

The Bunker, Gladiators V Werewolves


RR – Robert Ross (writer/historian)

RS – Robert Simpson (writer/historian)

RT – Reg Traviss (writer/director;

Joy Division, Psychosis


SB – Shane Briant (writer/actor;

Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter, Demons Of The Mind, Straight On Till MorningFrankenstein And The Monster From Hell


SJ – Stephen Jones (writer/editor/historian;

The Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror


VL – Valerie Leon (writer/actor;

Blood From The Mummy's Tomb


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