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27 April 2008

New poster reproductions available...

restored quad poster from postersandstuff.co.

Postersandstuff.co.uk have just released the latest in their line of official reproduction posters, depicting digitally restored British theatrical artwork - Quatermass 2 and The Mummy


Each image is sourced from an original UK quad poster, and is painstakingly restored by hand to remove all imperfections, crease lines and other flaws. The resulting image is then litho printed onto 170gsm stock in the original 30x40 inch size and issued in a heavy duty black glossy tube.

With original posters now in scarce supply, and highly sought after (with some worth several thousand pounds), this is a perfect way to acquire and admire original Hammer artwork.

Subscribers to the first series will receive a free bonus double-bill quad.

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