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12 December 2007

Hammer to Broadcast First Production for Over Twenty Years in Joint Venture with MySpace

Hammer Films and MySpace today announced a joint venture which will see Hammer’s first horror production in over 20 years broadcast exclusively on MySpace.  

The online serial, entitled Beyond The Rave, is MySpaceTV’s first UK co-production.  It will broadcast episodically on MySpaceTV in Spring 2008 as 20 ‘webisodes’, before being released on DVD, and available for download.  

Hammer, the iconic film studio, and MySpace have teamed up to create Beyond The Rave specifically for the internet, signifying a dramatic new opportunity in the way traditional media companies are creating content exclusively for the web in addition to conventional platforms.  

Ben Grass and Tom Grass from Pure Grass Films, creators of the award-winning movie When Evil Calls, will produce the film. 

With an exciting British cast including Jamie Dornan (Marie Antoinette), Nora-Jane Noone (The Magdalene Sisters), Tamer Hassan (The Football Factory, Eastern Promises) and Sadie Frost (Dracula, Shopping), Beyond The Rave promises to deliver all the ingredients of a Hammer classic made for a 21st Century audience: vampires, blood, death and suspense throughout.  

Simon Oakes, Chairman and Chief Executive, Hammer Film Productions Ltd said:

“This is a bold venture creating horror for the 21st century through a variety of technologies. When Hammer Films first started it was an innovative production company and this new venture marks the beginning of a journey to recalibrate the DNA of Hammer Films for a new audience.  MySpace is an innovative and exciting distribution platform to enable people to watch and interact with original content in a whole new way. To relaunch with MySpaceTV’s first UK co-production is perfect for a company originally born out of a culture of risk-taking and creativity.” 

James Fabricant, Director of Entertainment and Head of Video, MySpace Europe, said:

“This partnership demonstrates the power of MySpace and how traditional media is being turned on its head: for Hammer’s return to horror production to premier on MySpace is a phenomenal development and shows the dramatic change in how consumers want to access content.” 

MySpace is the world’s number one social network with over 110 million unique users (Comscore, October 2008).  

Hammer Films launched in 1934 and went onto produce more than 150 movies over the next four decades. 

1.     For further information and to see the first trailer, please visit www.myspacetv.com/beyondtherave 

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