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The 1990s would prove to be one of the most frustrating periods in the company's history.

The lengthy hiatus that followed Hammer House Of Mystery and Suspense seemed to be broken with the thirteen-episode compilation series The World of Hammer for British television in 1990. The series, narrated by Oliver Reed, would sit on the shelves until finally being broadcast in 1994.

1994 also saw the broadcast on the BBC of a two-part documentary on Hammer - Flesh And Blood. It would mark the end of Hammer's long association with Peter Cushing, who died not long after completing work on the project.

In the mid-1990s Hammer were involved in various projects, including a major co-production deal with Warner Bros., which ultimately came to nothing. As the decade drew to a close, chairman Roy Skeggs looked to pastures new and a wind of change was in the air...

Highlighted productions form this decade