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Comments by walpurgisvictim

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13 May 2011, 6:27am

OK, I must say that I'm kinda shocked that all these comments seem to be so hopefully optimistic about this re-make. Now, I should preface by saying that I absolutely LOVE the original Woman In Black, it being one of my all time favorite ghost/horror films, and also believe it to be on par with the very best of the British ghost stories (i.e. The Signalman and Whistle And I'll Come To You). And, in addition to my love for the British ghost story, I am, and always will, equally LOVE Hammer films. From growing up watching all the Hammer classics and studying the company throughout my early adult life, I was insanely happy to hear of their return and, yet, a little worried too due to the difference in time and style that the modern horror film has taken since their departure. So imagine my disappointment to hear that my favorite and recently resurrected studio is slated to do Let Me In as one of their 1st comeback films! A re-make of Let The Right One In, a fairly recent film made in the midst of so many re-makes and thoroughly unoriginal vampire films, is also quite the rare example of being a truly beautiful horror film. With both it's creative film making and excellent narrative being so successful with the original film, I was concerned, to say the least, of what to expect from Hammer with this. And, frankly, I was a little disappointed that Hammer was doing a re-make as opposed to coming back strong and well rested. Yet always ready, waiting just in the shadows for the time it needs to save the horror film from it's suffering genre. Riding their re-animated European horses into battle carrying all original material destroying the Hollywood re-make machine and causing them to retaliate with all original material of their own, thus ending what will be referred to as "the age of the re-make and unoriginal" in American horror history books. OK, I'm sorry about that. I just got WAY off subject there. So despite my doubts and fears that my

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