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Comments by Bicknell VonCoplan

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Bicknell VonCoplan


07 Dec 2010, 3:51am

Quite simply a brilliant movie with splendid acting. Very ambitioius as far as plot and costumes are concerned. Shane Briant completes the movie with his naivete' and final resolvement to the good doctors insanity at the final climax of the film. A few twists and turns make this a pleasant watch and leave you wanting more as does the ever so lovely Madeline Smith. Not the greatest monster costume of all time but, this is back in the day when an artist made costumes, they weren't dialed up. Speaking of costumes, the victorian era outfits are trully remarkable. Lets not forget the lovably fiendish Peter Cushing in all his glory. A luminous presence only matched by his endeavor. He also exibits a dry wit rarely seen for a few humorous tension breakers. If you wish to step outside the box for a film that showcases schlock horror and glorifies great acting and the romance of a true period piece, Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell is for you.

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Showing comments 1 to 1 of 1