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Comments by Duc de Richleau

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Duc de Richleau


04 Nov 2010, 10:35am

This is probably one of the best horror films ever made. It retains the ability to frighten all these years later. I think it is the poise and gravitas the Christopher Lee brings to the character of de Richleau, but consider too the other actors around him. Charles Gray, the divine Nike Arrighi, Leon Greene (given that extra quality by Patrick Allen) and so many more. This is reportedly Christopher Lee's favourite Hammer film and there is no argument from me. There were many more Wheatley books with de Richleau and Rex; it is a pity more films weren't made. Maybe we could see them coming through now - it would make a revelatory TV series... I'm not a big fan of remakes but, who could play the Duc?

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Showing comments 1 to 1 of 1