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18 Dec 2013, 5:26pm

I post this again for It didn't work the first time, so sorry if this question is listed twice. Once I saw this movie at the BBC and rememberd different music that was playing while the filmcredits started this movie. First you get the "voodoo' introduction and then come the credits. Under the tekst one sees boiling red clouds with mysterious music. Somewhat similar to Voodoo-music (Hollywood/Hammer style) mixed with Stravinski's Rite of Spring. But when I look at a youtube version the music is different to what I remembered from the BBC-version. The Youtube version (problably also the DVD-version) is the same but soft, and almost television-tune like. But the BBC-version as I remember it was like this one however much heavier orchestrated almost Wagner/Beethoven mixed with the same music but harder. Much more threatening. Sometimes movies have been altered, depending for wich market they were released. Does anyone know something about the leadermusic? Are there more versions? I think the youtube version is nice, but the one in my memory was much more HammerHorror-like.

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