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Comments by Mercurio

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02 May 2012, 5:35pm

Hello, i went to see the movie the other day and i was a little puzzled when i left i must say. the story was great, i loved the costumes (very pretty) but beeing a designer for period fashions myself, i couldn´t spot the time the movie was actually set.... maybe you can help me out here: the story said that jannets boy died in 1889, wich means she hanged herself when? the same year, maybe a little later. (confusion here because her mouring gown is the style of mid1860s. (actually no problem - explanation: she enherited it from her mother maybe ;D ) but from the age of arthur and nicolas beeing almost the same age actually movie must have been set around 1915-25. if so arthur is extremely old fashionly dressed (almost 60 years behind), also the nanny and the people in the backround (especially in the beginning street scene when he leaves the house to go to the station) wearing 1890s style. i´m sorry but it is very confusing for someone of my profession. or was it the costume designer who mixed up some victorian fashions (hoping no1 would notice)?

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