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16 Feb 2014, 8:41pm

The "classic circus rides into town" but with a twist! Awesome characters, unique back drops I agree an oddball vamp classic but a classic is a classic

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13 Feb 2014, 10:38am

Please please, re-publish your old novelizations - Countess Dracula, Lust for a vampire, Scars of Dracula, etc. And how about FAITHFUL novelizations of Dracula, The Vampire lovers, Kiss of the vampire, Gorgon, etc.

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13 Feb 2014, 10:30am

Bad, bad, bad, nothing to do with a classic movie.

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13 Feb 2014, 10:27am

I was very suspicious of Hutson, but this was great fun. More like this, please, instead of those terrible modernizations.

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18 Jan 2014, 3:27am

I grew up if the classic Hammer Movies & Hammer House of Horror and I was so glad to see such classic Hammer values with The Women in Black it was also just a great movie over all. I am glad to see that a sequel is to be made and I'm sure it will be just as good. I'm also waiting to see the quiet ones as it looks like another great Hammer Film that I'll have to add to my collection.

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27 Dec 2013, 1:21pm

I live here in the U.S. and wanted to know if this and or any other will be released here on Blu-ray and Region 1

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18 Dec 2013, 5:26pm

I post this again for It didn't work the first time, so sorry if this question is listed twice. Once I saw this movie at the BBC and rememberd different music that was playing while the filmcredits started this movie. First you get the "voodoo' introduction and then come the credits. Under the tekst one sees boiling red clouds with mysterious music. Somewhat similar to Voodoo-music (Hollywood/Hammer style) mixed with Stravinski's Rite of Spring. But when I look at a youtube version the music is different to what I remembered from the BBC-version. The Youtube version (problably also the DVD-version) is the same but soft, and almost television-tune like. But the BBC-version as I remember it was like this one however much heavier orchestrated almost Wagner/Beethoven mixed with the same music but harder. Much more threatening. Sometimes movies have been altered, depending for wich market they were released. Does anyone know something about the leadermusic? Are there more versions? I think the youtube version is nice, but the one in my memory was much more HammerHorror-like.

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01 Dec 2013, 9:13pm

I have a lifelong affection for this film, having seen it at a very young age, possibly four or five. That established Christopher Lee as a screen villain in my young mind and when I saw The Man with the Golden Gun not long after I thought it was James Bond vs. Dracula, which was probably the ultimate film premise I could probably come up with. I'm fast approaching forty now and I still love this film despite it being on the sillier end of the sequel scale, and if I'm in the mood for a bit of Hammer action but just want something that - with all due respect to all involved - that I haven't got to get too involved with then this is my go-to movie.

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24 Nov 2013, 11:55am

Just watched the Blu Ray, excellent! Very good Hammer film and lovely quality on Blu Ray. Has anyone noticed the gloved hand in the very last shot of the movie, as Quatermass comes round the corner to see Barbara sitting down recovering (just before the end titles) Maybe the camera man was cold? It is also creepy.

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23 Nov 2013, 8:26pm

This is NOT a Hammer film. The administrator should remove this title from the Hammer Films site.


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